About Us

EROK Limited Company which commenced its business life with producing hydraulic and pneumatic system tools manufactures many machine components and pattern design projects to various industry like automotive, agriculture, military defence, mining, iron and steel construction since 1978. It maintains the production of the panel radiator parts with automatic machines in the modern metal sheet plant which was established in 1992 under the same roof and has the capacity of processing 3000 tons per year.

In accordance with the demands, our company has formed BMG Lift Components® brand in 2010 and taking the company’s current technical infrastructure and equipment pool into consideration. As a result of research and development and design studies lasting for three years, product ranges of automatic storey and cabin door mechanisms and panels were completed initiating the production. Our company whose target has been to produce qualified products since the day it was established has preferred to work with LIFTINSTITUUT, an expert enterprise in lift certification with an aim to satisfy first itself then the clients and the products took their quality certificates successfully without facing any problems.

Our target is to place our brand's name to the top at the earliest time giving the highest importance to product quality and client satisfaction in lift sector with our 37 year of industrial experience and expert staff.